Latest Poems

Heartless Reality

do you ever notice memories drive us backwards

revokes the joy in our hearts

keeps us possessed with what has been lost

and the cost

one that is irreplaceable

once it’s gone it’ll never return

it’s a scar from a forever burn

one that cannot be wiped clean

and there are days

there are so many days

when this could all be a dream

but the harshness of reality

opens blind tears

so unforgiving

a curse for the living

this world and life is so unfair

never asked to be here in the first place

the people we grow so close to

eventually they all leave too

and all that’s left is a faceless ghost

one we’ll never see again

left with hanging picture frames

our lips repeat their names

only in dreams will they return

and no matter how far we have come

we will always miss someone

friend, lover or foe

they will eventually all leave

whether you want to believe

this will come true

and they will leave without you

September 09, 2016

written by: Andrew

Technologically Impaired

I look at their faces

Walking to unknown places

Eyes and head focused down

They are ignoring the world around

Lost in their digital phones

It makes them wander into the unknown

Both mentally and physically

Addicted to technology

A sad sight to see

Is this really humanity

September 09, 2016

written by: Andrew

Empty Journey

I ask myself every day

How did we end up this way

Why were you diverted

It left you beyond broken and perverted

You wander now like an endless star

Drifting alone to some place far

A place I cannot follow you to

The person I once knew

That person has left a long time ago

You are a letter that has been folded

You allow yourself to be controlled

The way we were once molded

That has crumbled away like autumn leaves

You travel around with an empty tongue

Always trying to be the one who deceives

You may think you are beautiful and young

But you are far from anything of that nature

And you may think you always have the answer

But I can’t help but ask myself every day

How did we end up this way


September 09, 2016

written by: Andrew