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A storm is brewing
Because of their wrong doing
They are supposed to be the protectors of all
Instead they are watching their ancestors fall
The angels are clipping their wings away
No longer are they the same as they were yesterday
No the people down below are so full of sin
Everything has been washed even their morals within
The kind words have been replaced by bullet casings
Hatred and separation is what they are facing
Instead of allowing their hearts to be still
All they would rather do is kill
Humans are left down here dying
While angels are watching and crying
Sometimes they die without even a name
As long as this continues it’ll never change
Everybody should be treated all the same
And everytime the earth experiences rain
It’s the millions of angels crying
Over all of the millions of humans dying
They say we’ll see our ancestors again
But I don’t want to see them
If a nameless stranger is the reason I meet my end
I would be so ashamed to lie there dying
While everyong around me stands there crying
Feeling sorrow and wrong
While the stranger is long gone
It would be hard for me to understand the why
While I lie there not wanting to die
It will rain because the angels will cry
The angels will cry

July 07, 2016

written by: Andrew


Lips like honey

Eyes like reflective light

An image of myself is all I see

Within your twilight

You’re the best part of me

And I am the best part of you

No matter how down I may feel

All I need to do

Is think of you

You always find a way

To steal the negative feelings away

A thief I welcomed in

Your thievery wouldn’t count as a sin

Angels would never frown

For having you I am never truly down

Everything is complete




Words that exemplify what makes you



(Read this both from the top and bottom, it has two beginnings!)

July 07, 2016

written by: Andrew


the hands on the clock are ticking away
tick tick ticking away
yesterday is a memory
one that will be forgotten eventually
but some memories will never fade
those are the ones that leave scars
sometimes they were unintentionally made
you can sit around wishing on stars
but those are the memories that never come true
good or bad
happy or sad
life is a tidal wave of change and emotion
and you can either ride the wave or drown
for life is like an endless ocean
your feet are never truly on the ground
things are always changing and moving
new memories are always growing
and old ones we always end up losing

July 07, 2016

written by: Andrew