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Always Together

It would break me in two

To wake up without you

You are all that I am chasing

After all our creating

Why would I want to

Wake up without you

It would make life not worth living

With you I am always winning

I start my day with you by my side

I end it with you making me feel alive

Every day is worth waking up to

Because I wake up with you

I could never sleep in this bed

You’re there in the dreams in my head

Always by my side where I need you to be

Life wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t with me

It would be such a mistake

I would fall and break

If you weren’t there with me

Where you deserve to be

I need you more than ever

We’re meant to be always together


February 02, 2018

written by: Andrew


There is someone close to me

My heart says we’re meant to be

But honestly

What my heart says I cannot believe

I think she is better than me

Someone like her I don’t deserve

As it is there is so much I must learn

Especially about love and life

She knows about my current strife

Yet she looks past it all

And constantly when our lips meet

I continue to fall

She’s always there to catch me

Something I could never take for granted

With her I am beyond enchanted

She is a keeper

I could never leave her

But with my current flaws

I don’t want to break her heart

A part of me wants to put this on pause

But I know that would tear her apart

So instead I continue to hold on tight

Because I think about her day and night

I could never become a runaway

I would regret it anyway

And truth be told

She has a strong hold

Never would she ever let go

She could never say no

When our skin meets it makes my heart stop

And when I hear her words it makes my heart drop

She always loves to whisper it in my ear

I am glad you are here always stay near

I could never run and hide

Or leave her side

I would be a such a fool

I could never leave you








February 02, 2018

written by: Andrew


I shut my eyes

Look past the lies

The forsaken pain

And your shame

There lies something more

A love between us was there before

It was something worth living for

Something worth fighting and dying for

And even though in the end

You kept me on a carousel

Spinning around over again

I survived past that hurtful hell

Yet I still look back to the days from before

And sure I don’t feel the same anymore

At least for you

But you gave me a lesson worth holding onto

It made me stronger than ever before

This lesson made my life worth living and fighting for

For I have new butterflies to cling to

And those feelings are no longer for you

You gave me something there for me

A future with someone that set me free

And now thanks to you I can do anything

At least now there is no string


February 02, 2018

written by: Andrew