Latest Poems

Writing on the Wall

Look at yourself in the mirror
What reflection do you see
That image of you is it clear
Or is it fading like a forgotten dream
Close your eyes
What do you realize
Do you see my reflection too
Or is this is all about you
A story only written for one
Does your heart beat alone
It wouldn’t surprise me at all
For I have already seen it
It is difficult to believe it
The writing on the wall
Etched there in my blood and tears
You have turned my dreams into nightmares
An undeserving love I have given for so long
In the end where has it all gone
It feels like it was just yesterday
When our sky wasn’t dark and gray
A storm has already arrived
You have given me nothing but a lie
I used to feel so alive
But this broken heart made me die

October 10, 2017

written by: Andrew

Makes No Difference

I knew someone who still looms in my head

Back then the wrong things were said

Mostly by me

At the time I had no clue

But we were pretty good together

She made things in my heart feel better

But then like a curse I threw it all away

And now my sky has turned stormy and gray

Since then the rain hasn’t stopped falling

There are times when I want to give her a calling

But this space in between is probably for the best

I know in the end I am no different than the rest

I made my bed and I will sleep in it too

All the while I will continue dreaming of you

August 08, 2017

written by: Andrew


Eyes like starlight

Such beauty dazzles my sight

A smile I fall into

I want to give it all to you

Have so many secrets kept locked away

But when you are with me I have so much to say

I want to tell you everything you need to hear

And believe me I am not being insincere

No my dear I have no reason to lie

Doing so would cause you to say goodbye

And that is something I would never do

I want to give this entire world to you

But instead all I can give is this broken heart

It’s been torn apart

Not much of it remains

But despite all my past pains

I want to give my all to you

I truly want to

This is what I was born to do

I am sick of all the fabricated lies

They left me with endless whys

Moreover than none

I want to be someone

And that someone wants to be by your side

I have no reason to give you a lie

No my dear I want to give it all to you

Your love is a river I want to fall into

I have so many secrets locked away

But with you I have so much to say

So listen to every word because I mean every part

I want to give you what’s left of this heart

You would make the perfect wife

For my imperfect life

I want to wake up beside you every day

I have so much to say

This is what I was born to do

I will never stop falling for you

I will continue this endless fall

Because with you I will give my all

This time I learned from my past mistakes

Your heart is one that I will never break

My soul is here for you to to take

Only with you will my life be complete

There is no one else who can be with me



July 07, 2017

written by: Andrew