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Outside they walk the streets
Prowling like a ravenous pack of wolves
Anxiousness and fear runs through their veins
Eyes affixed on their target
Hands clinched into weapons
The victim has no idea of their rage
They approach her and spit out a weaponry of threats
Yet their fear doesn’t invoke her
Nothing moves her
She is a mountain of experience
In her time she has seen it all
From the start she was judged
If it wasn’t for the color of her skin
It was because of her being a woman
So now nothing moves her within
She smiles back in their direction
Confused the perpetrators stand there speechless
She turns and walks away
Leaving them without having a word to say

August 08, 2015

written by: Andrew


I found the ripple of the sea
Now I feel a rare antiquity

It feels like I searched my entire life
But now my heart no longer knows plight

Now that I hold this close to me
It has become a part of me

It is unlike any other ever seen
Sometimes it feels like this is a dream

But the scars on my heart
Remind me this has been real from the start

With a love like this it can’t be any better
Something like this has to last forever

Through all the good and bad
Happy and sad

It has always been perfect in every way
In fact because of you I live everyday

You make it worth living and surviving the routine
But when we’re together it is anything but a routine

You are the ripple in my sea
And only you could ever complete me

August 08, 2015

written by: Andrew


Love is like space itself
Deeper than any galaxy
A mystery of how it starts
And why it hurts so much in the end
They say it comes from the heart
But when the pain hits
It hits deeper and travels to every part
A scar that will never truly heal
They say time heals all wounds
But this isn’t entirely true
Because I am still hurt because of you
The pain cannot be ignored
Like the memories of you can be
You brought something upon me
Something that I cannot simply fix
And at the very thought of you
My heart breaks
Over and over again it breaks

July 07, 2015

written by: Andrew