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the gun rests by his hand
he hits the lines on the table
the only thing that makes him stable
why he does this no one will understand
this medicine is his poisonous mistake
with every moment he feels regret
he lost humanity’s respect
euphoria in every snort and puff
his addiction says it’s never enough
he has to continue down this road
at twenty four he already looks old
his heart already beats cold
he feels broken and ignored
he wants to cut the cord
but the hunger is too strong
he is too far gone
he points the gun to his head
he is better off dead

August 08, 2016

written by: Andrew


With every beat within

It hurts like a painful sin

My eyes shut tightly

Sleep escapes me nightly

I have no reason to anyway

You have moved far away

Reminded by the empty space beside

Alone I have nowhere to confide

In the end all I am given is silence

I lost it all even my resilience

Love is a double-edged blade

Even if you would have stayed

It would have still cut just as deep

I lie here without a faithful sign of sleep

Life can be so unfair

Since you showed you no longer care

Maybe one day I will dream again

Until then

Until then I will lie here with this empty space

Reminded by feelings where you slept in this place

The scent of you still lingers nearby

And the walls still echo your goodbye

Memory frames still hang ever so high

One day I will take them down

And toss them where they belong – on the ground

The glass and frame will shatter

Since in the end none of them will matter

Like I do

Like I do to you



August 08, 2016

written by: Andrew


Your look is beyond anything ever seen

I ask myself if this is a dream

But your voice brings me back to reality

The words you say to me

Brings a smile to my face

Even though you are in another place

I feel as if we are in the same room

You may say this is too soon

But we both know this is wrong

Because the feeling is already too strong

There is no turning away

Not worth rewinding back to yesterday

The future looks so much brighter anyway

Since you have come my way


August 08, 2016

written by: Andrew