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In this urban sea
She tries to swim free
So she paints her face
Hoping someone notices in this place
Constant fidgety
Within this urban sea
Checks her phone
Nope still alone
So she tries a new outfit
Hoping she stands out like a candlelit
But no the flame is too dim
Future looks so grim
Heavy sighs
Instead she cries
In this urban sea
She cannot set herself free


November 11, 2016

written by: Andrew

Red Light Nightmare

She wears a number on her chest

Separating her from the rest

She smiles innocently

Hoping to fulfill their need

Strangers pass her by

Some glance an eye

Others look away

Ashamed at her demeanor

She doesn’t have much to say

She knows someone will need her

Only if it’s for an hour or two

This is the only life she ever knew

A human treated like cattle

But really every life should matter

She was born into this life

With every moment with a strange face

She prays someone will take her from this place

See her for more than a temporary wife

Many are stuck in this world too long

This world of lust and greed

Though her heart beats strong

It wants to surrender and bleed

Since customers are never satisfied

Their hunger and desire never dies

Heartless and countless faces

Pass through many of these dimly lit places

Bright red lights electrify the sky

Her fellow coworkers wave goodbye

Only to wait for the next encounter

No one deserves this life even her




October 10, 2016

written by: Andrew

Story So Far

Let’s be honest with each other
When we’re together
Things are beyond just alright
We never truly have a reason to fight
Beside you I could stay awake all night
With you there is no point in dreaming
Because you have me believing
In a dream that has come true
Knowing that I have you
Makes my heart beat in this reality
With you I see this world differently
No longer do I feel any weight
I have no reason to contemplate
My heart beats with certainty
All because you complete me

October 10, 2016

written by: Andrew