Latest Poems

Protect and Serve

The officer stands there staring proud

On the other end of the train

There are three hoodlums talking loud

The officer is itching to spread some pain

So he grips his nightstick

Ready to give them a good kick

Probably one they didn’t deserve

But his job is to protect and serve

Tonight he wants to serve a dish nice and cold

A memory for him to remember when he’s smelly and old

Slowly he makes his way through the crowd

He can still hear them talking loud

He curls up his lip and removes the weapon from his hip

But before he could start proper introductions

A man walks between with rude interruptions

He stares the officer up and down

Returns a smile without a sound

He slaps the officer across the face

Unaware of what was coming his way

He is now disorientated and out of place

The man tells the kids to get off the train

It’s his turn to deliver some pain

The officer lies there unconscious on the ground

The man notices the crowd all around

They are staring in shock and disarray

Listen to what I have to say

He yells to the crowd

He says it nice and proud

This cop was a crooked war machine

He was always overly tough and mean

For no reason whatsoever too

So I had to teach him a lesson or two

This was something he had to learn

Respect isn’t given it is earned

The officer awakens seeing the man still there

He stands up and realizes this is a living nightmare

The man is really his boss in disguise

I am sorry for all my crookedness and lies

The man smiles and makes the officer swear

To always protect and serve

September 09, 2015

written by: Andrew

Empty Nighttime

The moon is empty tonight

The stars are lightless too

The sky looks so bare

Almost like me within

Left alone here

No longer under a blanket of nighttime dreams

No instead I am alone in an empty bed

Thoughts keep replaying in my head

What ifs and what nots

It’s all a cesspool of uncertainty

Why oh why did this have to happen to me

Didn’t deserve any of this

I would rather slit my wrists

Than to lie here feeling this way

I can’t wait for today to become yesterday

Then I’ll put it all behind

And hopefully that will ease my mind

Maybe one day my sky won’t be so bare

And I will be lying alone here

This life can be so undeserving and unfair



August 08, 2015

written by: Andrew

Mr. Airplane

The engines fire up

Fumes spew out of their guts

Like a volcano starting to erupt

Where will we go today

I don’t really know

It doesn’t make a difference either way

As long as we have somewhere to go

The sky truly has no rules for us to follow

We can fly higher than any swallow

So let’s be on our way

And go on an adventure today

Fly high up in the sky

Take me away airplane

With you my life will never be the same

Because you show me a world I never knew

Until the day I first met you

August 08, 2015

written by: Andrew