Latest Poems

King of the North

he is up in the north on his throne

this is where he was born

his fathers before

all they talked about was the war

but now he wants to bring it back

all the other countries look and laugh

the more they continue to ignore

the stronger his heart grows sore

his words echo through internet waves

his people he treats like hungry slaves

all that oppose continue to slap sanctions

but this does nothing it adds no complications

it makes his anger even stronger

not sure how much longer

until he unleashes his arsenal of nukes and EMPs

by then it’ll be too late we’ll be on our knees

all because we choose to look down at our phone

while he continues to smile from his throne

it won’t be long until we’ll be no more

so continue to look away continue to ignore



September 09, 2016

written by: Andrew

Heartless Reality

do you ever notice memories drive us backwards

revokes the joy in our hearts

keeps us possessed with what has been lost

and the cost

one that is irreplaceable

once it’s gone it’ll never return

it’s a scar from a forever burn

one that cannot be wiped clean

and there are days

there are so many days

when this could all be a dream

but the harshness of reality

opens blind tears

so unforgiving

a curse for the living

this world and life is so unfair

never asked to be here in the first place

the people we grow so close to

eventually they all leave too

and all that’s left is a faceless ghost

one we’ll never see again

left with hanging picture frames

our lips repeat their names

only in dreams will they return

and no matter how far we have come

we will always miss someone

friend, lover or foe

they will eventually all leave

whether you want to believe

this will come true

and they will leave without you

September 09, 2016

written by: Andrew

Technologically Impaired

I look at their faces

Walking to unknown places

Eyes and head focused down

They are ignoring the world around

Lost in their digital phones

It makes them wander into the unknown

Both mentally and physically

Addicted to technology

A sad sight to see

Is this really humanity

September 09, 2016

written by: Andrew