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Sometimes the pain will come

Without any warning too

A pain worth not feeling again

But it will come to you

For as long as you fall in love

It’s a risk you take

Sometimes you will regret it

Label it a mistake

Other times

Other times you will call it fate

Worth holding on to

It all depends on you

How far you go down the rabbit’s hole

How far you are willing to go

There may be days when you are let go

Feeling a hole in your heart and even soul

But regardless of the end result


The pain isn’t really forever

Unless you want it to be

Because you will fall in love again

Whether or not you want to believe

For love never truly will end

It will always be there

Regardless if the name is replaced

The pain can be erased

It can be done so easily

But it’s all up to you

And how much you want to believe

Because pain will come and go

But love can be true

If you want it to be


May 05, 2015

written by: Andrew


He sits there on a park bench

With daisies in his hand

Waiting patiently

Time begins to slowly pass

His eyes wander left to right

So far no one in sight

Waiting patiently

The boy continues to sit there

Feet dangle in the air

People pass and some stare

Wondering who he is waiting for

Strangers continue to pass him by

As he sits there

Waiting patiently

Slowly she begins to come into view

Slowly making her way

An old lonely stranger

She carries a name

One he will never know

Eyes carry a certain sadness

One only he can see

Waiting patiently

It was worth his time

He hands her the daisies

A smile he places on her face

Surprise from this stranger

One she never knew until today

He waited a whole day

For someone to come his way

Someone who carried sad eyes

Someone worth a surprise

He waited






May 05, 2015

written by: Andrew

Red Gem

With one bite

That’s all it took

Teeth sunk in

Such sweet sin

The slithering fiend smirked

Repercussions followed through

All because of you

Things the way they are

Pain on both sides of the coin

You created a great deal of regret

Your mistake we will never forget

Since that one day

When you took that faithful bite

Into the red forbidden gem

Now the sin will never end

From birth to death

It will follow us all the way

Thanks to you and that sinful day

May 05, 2015

written by: Andrew