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Fallen Star

Love has a way of showing the unexpected
When I first said hello
My heart was prepared to feel rejected
Instead it was the beginning of something wonderful
A part of me felt unprepared for what came next
I had no idea it was going to be like this
They say there is no such thing of a love so perfect
But after that first embrace
I found out how wrong they really are
Love is like a falling star
Eventually the wish you make will come true
But it takes time for someone to hear
Now that I have met you here
My heart feels a love it never knew
This is the start of something magical
I can feel it in my heart and soul
The feelings of uncertainty are no longer there
They disappeared after you appeared
And now I see myself growing old with someone wonderful
Because there is no other name my heart could ever say
Every beat beats stronger every passing day
Life has given me someone so beautiful to hold on to
And that someone will always be you

February 02, 2017

written by: Andrew

Beautiful Trace

I don’t know your name…yet

But here you are before me

My eyes are drawn in



Even mesmerized

It’s in the way you move

Being around you

I feel like I have nothing to lose

Life gives us so much to choose…from

But seeing you

I know I am already set

Like the sun is with the sky

If I were to tell you this

Would you listen

Or simply think it was a lie

I shut my eyes and smile softly

A movie plays in my mind

A future time

One that may not come true

But it’s one with you

We are together in a life…so bright

Beautiful beyond any measure

Together we find our real treasure…happiness

Beyond anything two humanly people usually find

This movie that plays in my mind

It feels like the strangest dream

I open my eyes hoping to start the first scene

But the one before me has been replaced

Gone without a trace

I waited too long

You are gone

February 02, 2017

written by: Andrew

Haunted Dream

I know

I really do

I know

You are there with me

I can feel you

You are nearby

There is not one day that passes by

When a tear fills my eyes

It hurts my heart to know you’re not here

A living ghost you disappeared

Life with you on this earth

Sometimes it feels like it was a dream

I still remember the days you left behind

They still echo throughout my mind

But truth be told

I am growing old

I am growing old without you here

Without you near

Losing you was and always has been a fear

And when that day finally came true

I found myself torn apart without you

As selfish as this may sound and seem

I never wanted to give you away

It’s unfair that the past feels like a dream

It really truly is unfair

I still miss you no matter the time of day

And there are some when I wake up alone and scared

Only to realize you’re not really there

January 01, 2017

written by: Andrew