Latest Poems

Haunted Dream

I know

I really do

I know

You are there with me

I can feel you

You are nearby

There is not one day that passes by

When a tear fills my eyes

It hurts my heart to know you’re not here

A living ghost you disappeared

Life with you on this earth

Sometimes it feels like it was a dream

I still remember the days you left behind

They still echo throughout my mind

But truth be told

I am growing old

I am growing old without you here

Without you near

Losing you was and always has been a fear

And when that day finally came true

I found myself torn apart without you

As selfish as this may sound and seem

I never wanted to give you away

It’s unfair that the past feels like a dream

It really truly is unfair

I still miss you no matter the time of day

And there are some when I wake up alone and scared

Only to realize you’re not really there

January 01, 2017

written by: Andrew

Beautiful Chaos

Life moves so quickly

In one blink it passes by

But one thing that’ll never leave

Is the happiness you give to me

You are such a beautiful piece of chaos

Yet with you I never feel lost

Because you are always there holding my hand

Before you came along life was difficult to understand

But now that you’re here it couldn’t be better

Life may pass us by quickly

But as long as I have you here with me

There is nothing more I’ll ever truly need

January 01, 2017

written by: Andrew

Black Gold

Black gold

Their greed never grows old

Money speaks for them

They have no friend

Their greed poisons the land

No care for animal or human

Fill the air with toxicities

It can be seen in many cities

There is more to life than money

Something they’ll never see

They desecrate sacred ground

Ever since oil was found

This world hasn’t been the same

Greed drives them so insane

But truth be told

They cannot eat or drink black gold

Their paper makes them so blind

The reason for killing mankind

Will be their greatest crime

If only we could reset

Then there would be no regret

No madness

No sadness

But it’s already too late

Thanks to them we’ve met our fate



December 12, 2016

written by: Andrew