Latest Poems

Love Letter

Dear we need to talk

no longer can I continue this walk

this dance we do every day

at first it was great

you gave me something new

but as time wore on every day

I knew

I just knew it would dissipate

all great things slowly fade

and now here I am at the end of the road

I know I probably sound really cold

but this is a decision I have made

no longer do I feel the same

especially when I say your name

everything else that follows is similar too

I just don’t feel the same for you

it’s not like the first day

back then I had nicer things to say

now I don’t mean to turn my back and runaway

though this is what it looks like I am doing

but who am I fooling

we both saw this coming

the end of our time together

we used to speak of forevers and evers

but now my heart is running

just in another direction and not yours

there are not as many hours as there used to be

so please let me leave

May 05, 2016

written by: Andrew

The Center of Life

her beauty is rarer than gold
this sight will never grow old
even if she is eighty
i will still love this lady
like it was day one all over again
the way i feel will never truly end
so i must take this all in
her voice always plays the right tune
eyes shimmer like stars under a full moon
i could lie like this forever
this is where i belong
where i was made to be
with her beside me
nothing else in life could ever be wrong
things are full of serenity and perfection
she will always be the center of my affection
she could be old and gray
and yet i will always feel this way
my love with her no – my heart is complete
and when her lips dance with mine
my heart skips an imaginary beat
she is truly a work of art truly divine
a goddess beyond mythological reason
her love is all i’ll ever believe in

May 05, 2016

written by: Andrew

Scorched Earth

scorched earth
torched land
pointless birth
the good book
is it really worth a look
look at what it did today
all the lives they took away
they were fed empty lies
just to take away countless lives
many believe their religion is just
the right one and the most perfect
but really they all are imperfect
they all are based off of belief
and not fact or anything further
it drives people to do many actions
even commit a pointless murder
scorched earth
taught this lie from birth
but is it really that holy
to tear families apart
some never know their faith
they think they do
since they hold this so close to heart
but look at how many lives have been taken
never will they admit that they are the ones mistaken
no they will take it to the grave
or take it to the home of the brave
countless bombs and guns
they are the evil ones
even if they deny it as they die
remember it’s all a lie
no matter how much they believe
because they are truly naive
over their book
they are fed to since birth
only to destroy and leave behind a scorched earth

May 05, 2016

written by: Andrew