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Eyes like starlight

Such beauty dazzles my sight

A smile I fall into

I want to give it all to you

Have so many secrets kept locked away

But when you are with me I have so much to say

I want to tell you everything you need to hear

And believe me I am not being insincere

No my dear I have no reason to lie

Doing so would cause you to say goodbye

And that is something I would never do

I want to give this entire world to you

But instead all I can give is this broken heart

It’s been torn apart

Not much of it remains

But despite all my past pains

I want to give my all to you

I truly want to

This is what I was born to do

I am sick of all the fabricated lies

They left me with endless whys

Moreover than none

I want to be someone

And that someone wants to be by your side

I have no reason to give you a lie

No my dear I want to give it all to you

Your love is a river I want to fall into

I have so many secrets locked away

But with you I have so much to say

So listen to every word because I mean every part

I want to give you what’s left of this heart

You would make the perfect wife

For my imperfect life

I want to wake up beside you every day

I have so much to say

This is what I was born to do

I will never stop falling for you

I will continue this endless fall

Because with you I will give my all

This time I learned from my past mistakes

Your heart is one that I will never break

My soul is here for you to to take

Only with you will my life be complete

There is no one else who can be with me



July 07, 2017

written by: Andrew

Loose Change

They passes him by

He gives them a hi

But they continue to ignore

His body feels tired and sore

It’s been days since his last meal

This is his life and it’s all too real

An empty cup rests on the sidewalk

Tired eyes close while he continues to talk

But his words fall onto deaf ears

His hopefulness remains clear

He knows someone will donate to his cause

Endless nights pass he counts stars

Wishing for a better life than what he’s been given

Sometimes he regrets living

But as money finally fills his cup

His spirits are lifted up

His faith in humanity is restored

He looks up and thanks the lord

July 07, 2017

written by: Andrew

Flowers of May

It seems like the best flowers are ever so rare

But if you find the time you will find them there

Hidden away amongst others

Like secret lovers they are out there

Their sweet voices are like petals dangling in the wind

All you need to do is listen and see

Flowers like these don’t only bloom in May

A flower such as the one I describe

Really does exist in this life

I have been graced by one before

And when it happened to me

I didn’t have to ask for anything more

The flower was beyond amazing and sweet

With such beautiful and effervescent colors

They filled my eyes with beautiful wonders

As she gazed into my eyes

I continued to realize

That flowers such as this are a rarity

Finding one in a garden doesn’t happen every day

But when you stumble upon one

Always stop and take notice

Because you may never find another ever again


July 07, 2017

written by: Andrew