All But Me

I see your face behind the camera
You look the same
But even through the frame
I see a mask that you wear
You try to hide it with your hair
But the answer hides in your smile too
No matter how hard you try to
The sadness still hides behind
Do you still wish you were mine
A wish that will never come true
I will never come back to you
A nightmare I don’t want to dream
Without you I am now flying free
You can have all of it but me
I will never return
Not after feeling your burn
The scar still remains
You can hide behind those picture frames
But the truth is still evident
You’re still swimming in a sea of regret
Keep flashing that smile all around
But you still live in a lonely town
I would feel remose and pity
But not after what you did to me
I have nothing left to feel
Because I have already healed
I hope one day you do the same
Instead of hiding behind that picture frame
With that smile so fake
Losing me will always be your biggest mistake