Eyes like starlight

Such beauty dazzles my sight

A smile I fall into

I want to give it all to you

Have so many secrets kept locked away

But when you are with me I have so much to say

I want to tell you everything you need to hear

And believe me I am not being insincere

No my dear I have no reason to lie

Doing so would cause you to say goodbye

And that is something I would never do

I want to give this entire world to you

But instead all I can give is this broken heart

It’s been torn apart

Not much of it remains

But despite all my past pains

I want to give my all to you

I truly want to

This is what I was born to do

I am sick of all the fabricated lies

They left me with endless whys

Moreover than none

I want to be someone

And that someone wants to be by your side

I have no reason to give you a lie

No my dear I want to give it all to you

Your love is a river I want to fall into

I have so many secrets locked away

But with you I have so much to say

So listen to every word because I mean every part

I want to give you what’s left of this heart

You would make the perfect wife

For my imperfect life

I want to wake up beside you every day

I have so much to say

This is what I was born to do

I will never stop falling for you

I will continue this endless fall

Because with you I will give my all

This time I learned from my past mistakes

Your heart is one that I will never break

My soul is here for you to to take

Only with you will my life be complete

There is no one else who can be with me