So cold

Nowhere to go

No home


It stings my skin

Like a thousand bees

Feeling broken within

Have so many needs

But the one that stands tall

The one need I need most of all

Somewhere to call home

To get away from the cold

A place to be

Someone to accept me

Take me in

Make me feel alive within again

I stare up at an empty night sky

A single tear saturates my face

If only someone took me to a warm place

I ask myself why

Why was I left alone

Abandoned here chained in this cold

It hurts my heart more than you’ll ever know

If only – if only I had somewhere to go

Somewhere I deserve to be

Someone to finally accept me

I cry softly under this wintery sky

All I can do is constantly ask why

Once had someone I knew almost my entire life

I gave them nothing but a perfect love

Always wagging my tail happily

I thought they were my best friend

But I suppose they didn’t love me

Oh to have a best friend again

They left me here alone

In the cold

Without a home

Maybe someone will give me a chance again

Before my life meets its end